Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Than Just a Cell Phone

Have you ever thought what your cell phone can be capable of doing in case it gets lost or stolen? From the common features such as making phone calls, taking snap shots and chatting online, another feature has hit the market this time raising eye brows and sending a new word of hope to those who have been victims of cell phone theft.

With this amazing feature you can tell when your missing mobile phone or a mobile phone of a close friend has been replaced with a new sim card. It gives you an eagle eye over your cell phone by tracking the where about of the mobile phone that really means a lot to you.
This is no other than the Ujanja Lost Cell Phone Tracking Software. You can keep track of your cell phone once you notice that it has gone missing. The Lost Cell Phone Tracking System can inform you when your stolen cell phone has been replaced with a new sim card, the number of the new sim card, the location of the cell phone, the IMSI number and the information about your cell phone clarifying that your cell phone is out there waiting for you to go and get it.

If you have a 3G cell phone, you are just a step away from the Lost Cell Phone Tracking Software. Don’t hang on too long to your cell phone only to loose it once you let go. Ujanja Lost Cell Phone Tracking System will get your 3G cell phone back once you happen to loose it giving you confidence of using your cell phone wherever and at whenever. Be on the Ujanja side.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How Safe Is Your Cell Phone?

Cell phones are devices that we hardly can do without these days. We make and receive calls every now and then. We sometimes don’t even realize how long we have been talking until we hear a beeping tone as the connection cuts off. Short messaging and chatting on the phone has become a hit. It’s obvious that without a cell phone you feel out of place or you certainly aren’t communicating with others for one reason. You are missing a basic device, a must have, the cell phone.

With the great features that come with the cell phone, we hardly would like to part away with it. We even go to an extent of hanging it around our necks just to feel that it is secure enough. Despite all this measures of trying to keep the cell phone as close as we can, it may at times not be very effective. Chances are that once you’ve got an expensive 3G cell phone, you qualify to be robbed or mugged.
With the introduction of the latest tracking system not other than the Ujanja Cell Phone Tracking System, you need not swear that you wish you could lay your hands on those who stole your cell phone. Instead, you will be in a position to call them and ask when they will return your cell phone before you take action.
The Ujanja Tracking Lost Mobile Phones has to be installed on your cell phone so as to track the lost cell phone in case you lose it. On purchasing your cell phone, get it installed with the Ujanja tracking software and get the burden of fearing your cell phone will be stolen off your shoulders.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tracked Laptop: No Doubts

Stealing has become a sophisticated art that spends a lot of time and expertise to open up by well organized security organizations. Lots of valuables go missing without a trace despite the intensive search performed.
A small machine such as a laptop would be declared lost forever. Thanks to the new turn in technology and the innovation of a tracking system that leaves no doubts of recovering any lost laptop.
Ujanja Lost Laptop Tracking System can track lost and stolen laptops to the closest location. With Ujanja tracking system, the word impossible is practically never used. Ujanja is designed to pass through Internet cables, communicate with servers and pass security applications just to make sure you get to know exactly where your laptop is situated when it connects to the Internet. The tracking system is not restricted to a particular region or country. Ujanja tracking software has recovered laptops in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania mostly known as the East African region.
Laptops can also be tracked from any given point regardless of the distance, be it in Asia, Africa, America or Europe Ujanja will still do its job.
The Ujanja tracking software can be downloaded from the Ujanja site by clicking on download Ujanja tracking software
Once the software has been successfully downloaded, installation can be done easily by following the instructions provided by the installation wizard.
You must provide an e-mail and a cell phone number preferably someone close so that in case you happen to loose your laptop either through a robbery, an alert can be sent to the cell phone and the e-mail address.
Make sure you confirm the details you fill in during the installation process or else any mistakes filled in will contribute to failure of receiving an alert of the location and IP address of the stolen laptop.


Laptop: Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something and gone to look for it thinking it may have been dropped in the "lost and found center?" Most of the time,this is possible when the lost item(s) were found dropped in by those who found them in the open. How about the thousand laptops stolen every year? Out of 10,000 laptops stolen, only 5% are recovered. What about the rest? Such an alarming figure calls for action. Laptops are portable making them easy to smuggle and hide among other items. A well known tracking system for its high recovery rate and accuracy has proven to go further with its advanced technology by pin pointing the location of lost laptops.
Ujanja Lost Laptop Tracking System is the replacement of the lost and found center. It is possible to trace your lost laptop from the simplified form of information gathered and sent to your cell phone as well as in your e-mail address.
The Ujanja tracking software is a clever form of software coded to get the IP address of the ISP.
You will receive a similar message on your cell phone:
Location: Millimani
ISP: Mlolongo Firms
Using this information, the laptop search can be narrowed to the exact point of connection. The Ujanja software can go beyond to tracking even a wireless connection. This is practically made possible by information provided based on the network used for that particular area.
Even though Ujanja tracking system will be securing your machine, It is still advisable to make maximum use of the security features that come with laptops and operating systems. Enabling passwords before logging in to the laptop can increase the brake in time into the laptop. This time would be very precious as you may have already located the location of the laptop and heading straight to recover it before any of your data is accessed.


Missing Laptop: The Shock

After purchasing my Ultra portable computer combined with Integrated Intel Wireless WIMAX/WIFI Link, . I could connect to the Internet and Local Network so easily. The compiling time of the applications I usually create was at super speed. I just could not part away with my laptop even if I was drowning.

Laptops are fast moving machines in the black market and I knew as such my laptop was not safe either.
It was at that time that I decided to Google for a cheap and less complicated way of securing my laptop. The idea was to track my laptop my friends had snatched away from me since I was so addicted to it that I often turned down their invitation for a hangout every Friday and on the 1st of April I felt as if the world had come to an end when I entered my office at around 9:00 on a Friday morning.

I couldn’t stand the open space where my laptop used to lie. I passed my hand above the desk as if I could see it yet it was no where to be found. I checked in the desk and shelves to see if probably I might have placed it there (what an imaginative idea) and there was nothing.
I called my friends hoping that they might have thought of playing the old trick on me since it was fools day. I had to come to terms with what each and every laptop owners once had to experience "Acknowledge a clean and smart disappearance of their laptop".

It was during my search that i came across the Ujanja Lost Laptop Tracking System. I checked my mails on the cell phone and noticed that I had several e-mail alerts. The tracking system always sends an e-mail to you every time the laptop connects to the Internet. It was a break through. An IP address had been sent which I quickly Google and came up with an ISP of that particular IP address. With the company of a security force I was able to head straight to the location where the IP address was located. All the culprits were arrested and I got my laptop back not until I had gone through the normal procedure of filing a report.My data was intact and no damage had been done to the laptop thanks to the software.
Get Your Laptop Secured Now


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laptop: It’s gone!

What was the feeling like when you bought the laptop you are using? And what would be the feeling like if you walked into your office or home and found out that all your property is intact apart from a missing 2 Duo Core Processor Dell Laptop?
Yes, agony, frustration and panic. Most of your information such as business contacts, diaries, meeting documentation and financial updates, passwords would all be gone.

In such a situation business would collapse as most of the running data would be gone, it would mean starting all over again. What if the same situation would replay itself once again?

A second laptop disappearance would not take place if only the Ujanja Tracking Laptop System is installed on your 2 Duo Core Dell Laptop.
Ujanja tracking lost system is a minute process that guarantees you a complete recovery. Two minutes of installation would place the laptop in a secure shield which would ensure that in an event of loosing your laptop, it would take no time in identifying the location and the person who stole the laptop.

The Ujanja tracking system does not occupy additional space in your storage device neither does it use up the memory of your system.
All that is required is an activation code that is available on paying a fee that will cover your laptop on an annual basis.

Note that any laptop that disappears without the Ujanja Tracking System installed can not be tracked. The tracking system has to be installed once you purchase your laptop or before you loose it.


Stolen Laptop: Thieves Caught Hanging on the Internet

I can see you!
Each computer that connects to the Internet has its unique identifying IP address (Internet Protocol).A distributed data base with mappings of DNS domain name such as the IP address are found on every networking system world wide and enables the location of computer and services on the Internet.

Tracking lost software indicating the initial IP address and the new IP address (thief location)where the laptop is being
used to browse the Internet. Retrieving information on the ISP is in progress

With this little and useful information, all the burden of loosing laptops is lifted off our shoulders.

Laptops are highly advanced computers that can process, store and operate in the most unexpected locations and still complete any task feed into it.
I suppose such an electronic machine is not worth loosing through theft. The price tag of laptops is high owing to the advanced technology used to make them more efficient and light in weight.

Long gone are the old times when we used to sit back helpless after loosing our laptops. The fact now is that your laptop can be secured by just installing the Ujanja Laptop Tracking System within a minute. This is an advanced tracking laptop system introduced to curb the high rates of laptop disappearances without a trace.
By downloading the tracking lost laptop software from the Ujanja site here, in to your laptop, it is possible to record the IP address of the new location where your laptop is been operated.

Using the ISP networking system, it is possible to narrow down from WAN to the LAN and further to the network cable inserted into the laptop. If the Laptop is connected to the Internet via a wireless connection, the router configuration and allocation of the IP address can be carefully calculated to the end user (client port) identify the exact location where the stolen laptop is located.


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