Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laptop: It’s gone!

What was the feeling like when you bought the laptop you are using? And what would be the feeling like if you walked into your office or home and found out that all your property is intact apart from a missing 2 Duo Core Processor Dell Laptop?
Yes, agony, frustration and panic. Most of your information such as business contacts, diaries, meeting documentation and financial updates, passwords would all be gone.

In such a situation business would collapse as most of the running data would be gone, it would mean starting all over again. What if the same situation would replay itself once again?

A second laptop disappearance would not take place if only the Ujanja Tracking Laptop System is installed on your 2 Duo Core Dell Laptop.
Ujanja tracking lost system is a minute process that guarantees you a complete recovery. Two minutes of installation would place the laptop in a secure shield which would ensure that in an event of loosing your laptop, it would take no time in identifying the location and the person who stole the laptop.

The Ujanja tracking system does not occupy additional space in your storage device neither does it use up the memory of your system.
All that is required is an activation code that is available on paying a fee that will cover your laptop on an annual basis.

Note that any laptop that disappears without the Ujanja Tracking System installed can not be tracked. The tracking system has to be installed once you purchase your laptop or before you loose it.


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