Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stolen Laptop: Thieves Caught Hanging on the Internet

I can see you!
Each computer that connects to the Internet has its unique identifying IP address (Internet Protocol).A distributed data base with mappings of DNS domain name such as the IP address are found on every networking system world wide and enables the location of computer and services on the Internet.

Tracking lost software indicating the initial IP address and the new IP address (thief location)where the laptop is being
used to browse the Internet. Retrieving information on the ISP is in progress

With this little and useful information, all the burden of loosing laptops is lifted off our shoulders.

Laptops are highly advanced computers that can process, store and operate in the most unexpected locations and still complete any task feed into it.
I suppose such an electronic machine is not worth loosing through theft. The price tag of laptops is high owing to the advanced technology used to make them more efficient and light in weight.

Long gone are the old times when we used to sit back helpless after loosing our laptops. The fact now is that your laptop can be secured by just installing the Ujanja Laptop Tracking System within a minute. This is an advanced tracking laptop system introduced to curb the high rates of laptop disappearances without a trace.
By downloading the tracking lost laptop software from the Ujanja site here, in to your laptop, it is possible to record the IP address of the new location where your laptop is been operated.

Using the ISP networking system, it is possible to narrow down from WAN to the LAN and further to the network cable inserted into the laptop. If the Laptop is connected to the Internet via a wireless connection, the router configuration and allocation of the IP address can be carefully calculated to the end user (client port) identify the exact location where the stolen laptop is located.


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