Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Missing Laptop: The Shock

After purchasing my Ultra portable computer combined with Integrated Intel Wireless WIMAX/WIFI Link, . I could connect to the Internet and Local Network so easily. The compiling time of the applications I usually create was at super speed. I just could not part away with my laptop even if I was drowning.

Laptops are fast moving machines in the black market and I knew as such my laptop was not safe either.
It was at that time that I decided to Google for a cheap and less complicated way of securing my laptop. The idea was to track my laptop my friends had snatched away from me since I was so addicted to it that I often turned down their invitation for a hangout every Friday and on the 1st of April I felt as if the world had come to an end when I entered my office at around 9:00 on a Friday morning.

I couldn’t stand the open space where my laptop used to lie. I passed my hand above the desk as if I could see it yet it was no where to be found. I checked in the desk and shelves to see if probably I might have placed it there (what an imaginative idea) and there was nothing.
I called my friends hoping that they might have thought of playing the old trick on me since it was fools day. I had to come to terms with what each and every laptop owners once had to experience "Acknowledge a clean and smart disappearance of their laptop".

It was during my search that i came across the Ujanja Lost Laptop Tracking System. I checked my mails on the cell phone and noticed that I had several e-mail alerts. The tracking system always sends an e-mail to you every time the laptop connects to the Internet. It was a break through. An IP address had been sent which I quickly Google and came up with an ISP of that particular IP address. With the company of a security force I was able to head straight to the location where the IP address was located. All the culprits were arrested and I got my laptop back not until I had gone through the normal procedure of filing a report.My data was intact and no damage had been done to the laptop thanks to the software.
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