Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tracked Laptop: No Doubts

Stealing has become a sophisticated art that spends a lot of time and expertise to open up by well organized security organizations. Lots of valuables go missing without a trace despite the intensive search performed.
A small machine such as a laptop would be declared lost forever. Thanks to the new turn in technology and the innovation of a tracking system that leaves no doubts of recovering any lost laptop.
Ujanja Lost Laptop Tracking System can track lost and stolen laptops to the closest location. With Ujanja tracking system, the word impossible is practically never used. Ujanja is designed to pass through Internet cables, communicate with servers and pass security applications just to make sure you get to know exactly where your laptop is situated when it connects to the Internet. The tracking system is not restricted to a particular region or country. Ujanja tracking software has recovered laptops in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania mostly known as the East African region.
Laptops can also be tracked from any given point regardless of the distance, be it in Asia, Africa, America or Europe Ujanja will still do its job.
The Ujanja tracking software can be downloaded from the Ujanja site by clicking on download Ujanja tracking software
Once the software has been successfully downloaded, installation can be done easily by following the instructions provided by the installation wizard.
You must provide an e-mail and a cell phone number preferably someone close so that in case you happen to loose your laptop either through a robbery, an alert can be sent to the cell phone and the e-mail address.
Make sure you confirm the details you fill in during the installation process or else any mistakes filled in will contribute to failure of receiving an alert of the location and IP address of the stolen laptop.


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