Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laptop: Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something and gone to look for it thinking it may have been dropped in the "lost and found center?" Most of the time,this is possible when the lost item(s) were found dropped in by those who found them in the open. How about the thousand laptops stolen every year? Out of 10,000 laptops stolen, only 5% are recovered. What about the rest? Such an alarming figure calls for action. Laptops are portable making them easy to smuggle and hide among other items. A well known tracking system for its high recovery rate and accuracy has proven to go further with its advanced technology by pin pointing the location of lost laptops.
Ujanja Lost Laptop Tracking System is the replacement of the lost and found center. It is possible to trace your lost laptop from the simplified form of information gathered and sent to your cell phone as well as in your e-mail address.
The Ujanja tracking software is a clever form of software coded to get the IP address of the ISP.
You will receive a similar message on your cell phone:
Location: Millimani
ISP: Mlolongo Firms
Using this information, the laptop search can be narrowed to the exact point of connection. The Ujanja software can go beyond to tracking even a wireless connection. This is practically made possible by information provided based on the network used for that particular area.
Even though Ujanja tracking system will be securing your machine, It is still advisable to make maximum use of the security features that come with laptops and operating systems. Enabling passwords before logging in to the laptop can increase the brake in time into the laptop. This time would be very precious as you may have already located the location of the laptop and heading straight to recover it before any of your data is accessed.


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