Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Than Just a Cell Phone

Have you ever thought what your cell phone can be capable of doing in case it gets lost or stolen? From the common features such as making phone calls, taking snap shots and chatting online, another feature has hit the market this time raising eye brows and sending a new word of hope to those who have been victims of cell phone theft.

With this amazing feature you can tell when your missing mobile phone or a mobile phone of a close friend has been replaced with a new sim card. It gives you an eagle eye over your cell phone by tracking the where about of the mobile phone that really means a lot to you.
This is no other than the Ujanja Lost Cell Phone Tracking Software. You can keep track of your cell phone once you notice that it has gone missing. The Lost Cell Phone Tracking System can inform you when your stolen cell phone has been replaced with a new sim card, the number of the new sim card, the location of the cell phone, the IMSI number and the information about your cell phone clarifying that your cell phone is out there waiting for you to go and get it.

If you have a 3G cell phone, you are just a step away from the Lost Cell Phone Tracking Software. Don’t hang on too long to your cell phone only to loose it once you let go. Ujanja Lost Cell Phone Tracking System will get your 3G cell phone back once you happen to loose it giving you confidence of using your cell phone wherever and at whenever. Be on the Ujanja side.


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