Monday, April 27, 2009

Tracking a Stolen Cell Phone Kenya

Just like any other country, Kenya is rapidly advancing in technology. Cell phones are becoming more and more common in Kenya than ever before in fact in the years to come mobile phones will not only be considered as a luxury but as a necessity. It is well known that cell phones are small in size and easy to carry around with you. This is the advantage of mobile phones but thieves have taken advantage of them and they target cell phones like nothing else. The rate at which cellular phones get lost or stolen is shocking.

Companies that track lost and stolen cell phones in Kenya and any where else in the world have come in place to save the situation and leave the benefiting thieves gnash teeth. Different companies use different techniques of cell phone tracking. The most popular technique used is the satellite technology. This technique is similar to that of tracking stolen vehicles. The system requires an electronic chip to be installed in the electronic device in a secret location only known by the service owner. This chip can be tracked wherever it is at any particular time. The advantage of this system is tat it can be applied on any handset. Since the protection price is fixed, it means that sometimes users may spent more cash on protecting their cell phones than what they spent on buying the cell phone if it was a low price cell phone

Most cell phone users had no trust in the above described technique because they became suspicious that probably there was no chip installed in their cell phone or even if it was, maybe it would not be compatible with the device components and bring complications to the cell phone.

The latest technique that has just landed is the cell phone tracking software which the users download and install in the cell phone system. This system has proved effective and most cell phone users as it does not include so many complications about chip installation and maybe chip drivers installation.

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